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Server Description

Zaros-PS is a Runescape private server based on the 2012 era of Runescape with a modified cache.  unique and highest quality game-play in Runescape private server history.

- Top Features

* First ever 718 loading RS3 revision private server

* Frequent game and website updates

* Stable economy + player based grand exchange

* Over a dozen training grounds for quicker levelling

* Known for our PvM, with over 20 bosses and counting

* Flawless drop system with an easy to manage drop rate editor

* A dozen active and rewarding minigames

* All skills fully functional (Including Divination)

* Achievements: Completionists, Completionist (t), Max, Veteran

* Full clan system, start yours today?!

* World events such as trivia, boss spawns and more

* Elite slayer system (boss slayer tasks)

* Over 75 clue scrolls implemented

* Master (120) capes

* Full banks with tabs, searching, inserting, swapping

* Bank Containers, reaching 8 total individual banks

* Massive donor zone with several dozens extra features

* Platinum+ donor zone, exclusive and unbelievable features

* A Journal which tracks all of your in-game points & monster kills

* An In-game scoreboard of online users / pk ranks / dominion factor etc

* Fully customized shops & an All-In-One shop with a neat interface

* Custom looking loading & log-in - client backgrounds

* Automated Weekend EXP bonus

* Loads of custom Loyalty titles with a permanent unlock feature

* Tons of Pets to buy/achieve/unlock/receive

* Player customize-able 

* EXP rates

* Loot Beam

* Loyalty Titles

* Appearance

* World announcements

* Chat colors

* Vorago with working phases and Seismic/Tectonic energy

* Rise of the Six

* Kalphite King with all working drygores

* Dominion Tower

* Celestial Dragons, Airuts & more!

* Demon Flash Mobs

* Up to T90 Defenders

* Hardmode GWD

* Instances!

* Full Cosmetic Override System

* Gemstone Dragons

* Godwars Dungeon 2

* Celestial Dragons



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