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Welcome to Sintennial! Thanks for clicking on us and checking us out. Sintennial is an on-going project that was started back in 2017 by myself and my brother. It/s always been our dream to one day put together our own server, customize it the way we want, and then host it online for everyone to play. Until recently, we have decided that it/s time for us to make the client available for download. Currently, we are still in beta stages, but are looking for a few players to gather their suggestions and various other input about the server to make it better for everyone!  

Please visit our forum page at 

You will be able to find various different topics on our forum page. The client will be located under the downloads section. As our server is still in beta, the download link to the client will only be available for a limited amount of time. I frequently do updates to both the client and the source, so the link to the client will be changed during the next client update I release. (When a new client is released, it will be announced on our forums page.)

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