Seven Sins

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A new RsPs based off a old server based yanille that we/ve completely redone to bring some new fun for players like the original players got to have...

working dungeneering!

Almost completed invetion skill for old gear sink.

PC working to get and upgrade evoid from teir void to evoid to god void.

Afk area to earn scratch tickets. t1-3

Working gambling adn boxing area.

over 20 bosses/3minigames/3minigame bosses/world boss to spawn in random locations.

 working range melee and range progression and boosting gear/items. 

all skills can be leveled to 99, have the possibility to upgrade to 120 max skills when we finish it. (half finished code)

So much more and so many more updates to come from another sevrer we are merging with the old yanille. 

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