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This project has been worked on awhile ago, with the name "Discovery" (old project thread) and is now LIVE! What RuneAncient offers is a brand new Pre-EOC look a like world and a 317 OSRS DMM/PvP servers, you can choose to play any of those if you like. Our newschool server is based on Economy, PvM, Skilling and Pking. Newschool offers plenty of content to give you a enjoyable and long progressing time. Our very newly laucnhed Oldschool server is a worldwide open PvP world with alot of the DMM vibe such as all the safezones and dmm zones, losing everything you have equipped on death and being able to attack combat level ranging from 3 - 126. However you do not lose anything from bank meaning no bank keys, you do not lose exp on death meaning no need to protect stats. EXP are quite low but should be a hard challenge also fun for those who wish to try it out.

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