Crezion 718 - RS3

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Server Description

About Crezion

  • Crezion is a 718 loading RS3 RuneScape Private Server aimed at entertainment made by Crezion/s Development Team 

    for players & focusing on player satiscation with daily updates and a large amount of content, which is already available. 

    Crezion aims to capture a flawless gameplay experience for our players with features 

    that the community wants rather than what the development team.

Crezion/s Features


  • Play Style - Ironman & Regular. 

  • EXP Modes - Four different experience modes.

  • Construction - Most rooms are build able (saving furniture & room creation), supports a functioning build mode, multiple floors including dungeons, supports toggling, guests & kicking.

  • Clan System - Creating, joining, leaving, rank giver, color changing & motto’s, chatting & guests.

  • Toolbelt System - Supporting all kind of Tool, using them to do skills.

  • Grand Exchange - Fully functioning player-based grand exchange including history & the stats/requirements of the items is being shown

  • Hunger Game - It takes place in a small area where you have to try to kill each other.

  • MoneyPouch - Working adding & withdrawing, supporting stores.

  • Hunter - Supporting birdsnares (crimson swifts, tropical wagtail, wimpy birds, the golden warbler, copper longtails) & box snares (nearly for all kind, such as; grenwalls, chinchompas, geckos, racoons etc), also including falconry.

  • Jewellery System- Every type of jewellery are craftable also moulds for every form of jewellery can be used.

  • Slayer System - Supporting cooperative slayer, slayer masters which requires their own requirements, working enchanted & ring of slayer.

  • Farming System - Mostly all kind of patches are supported & use of all farming related tools.

  • Shortcuts - Supporting worldwide shortcuts (requires different levels of agility).

  • Magic Skill -  Supporting all kind of spell books, transportation, alchemy (profit) & enchanting.

  • Reqs & Achievements - There are bunch of requirements to obtain Completionist.

  • Summoning - Pouch & Scroll Creation, including most familiars.

  • Lodestone Network - Activation, animation & short cutscene.

  • Clue Scrolls - Over 20 clues, including interface & epic rewards.

  • Duel Arena & Anywhere - You/re allowed to send send a challenge anywhere. Perfected system including, friendly & stake duels.

  • Pest Control - Landers, player requirements, lobby, joining, timer & rewards interface.

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