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[CENTER][CENTER][CENTER][SIZE=1]This server advertisement is currently under development and will be updated further over the coming days.[/SIZE]



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[COLOR="#696969"]Server forums are in development and will be release during the Beta stages.


[COLOR="#A9A9A9"][CENTER]Welcome to Elysian!

Elysian is currently undergoing the Alpha stages of development. We are opening our doors because we believe this allows us to build a fun and exciting experience based on direct real-time feedback.

I/m happy to announce that there will be no resets at all unless a bug should occur causing one![/CENTER][/COLOR]

Features: ([COLOR="#00FF00"]Finished[/COLOR], [COLOR="#FFD700"]Under-construction[/COLOR], [COLOR="#FF0000"]Not yet started[/COLOR])

[COLOR="#00FF00"]Unique & Clean Home[/COLOR]

[SPOILER=Unique & Clean Home]


[COLOR="#00FF00"]Max Guild[/COLOR]


[COLOR="#00FF00"]Gambling Area[/COLOR]

[SPOILER=Gambling Area][/SPOILER]

[COLOR="#FFD700"]Beautiful Donator Zones[/COLOR]

[SPOILER=Donator Zones]


[COLOR="#FFD700"]Unique Boss Encounters[/COLOR]

[SPOILER=Unique Boss Encounters]



[COLOR="#FFD700"]Semi-Custom OSRS Style Items[/COLOR]

[SPOILER=Custom Items][SPOILER=Twisted Bow (v)][/SPOILER][SPOILER=Twisted Bludgeon][/SPOILER][/CENTER][/SPOILER]

[COLOR="#FFD700"]Unique Archaeology Skill[/COLOR]



[COLOR="#00FF00"]AFK Tree & Quests[/COLOR]

[SPOILER=AFK Tree & Quests]


Aside from this there is so much more, we add the content you desire! 

We have a HUGE to-do list right now and you can bet your bottom dollar there is some fantastic content on that list, so why not come say Hi and throw us some of YOUR ideas and we can build an experience that everyone will find fun and unique! 

[URL=""]Play Now![/URL]

[URL=""]Elysian Home[/URL]


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