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Let/s make this short and sweet:

Reaper317 is a custom RSPS server with a ruse base. We strive for uniqueness and to create long lasting friendships, as well as a place for gamers to call home. Reaper317 is currently hiring for staff, and is almost out of it/s beta phase, which is our last stage of preparation before the official release! Join us today and get a head start! This will be edited in the future.

* At Reaper317 we have wide range of customs that makes the server unique!

* While some you may have seen we are constantly updating the server and adding new contents to the game, we take many suggestions made by our players as we value them very much.

* Some of the well know custom we have is Shadow set, Tyrant set, Noxious set, Tzhaar set, Desert set, and Godly set. We have many new custom armor coming out. 

* Some of the well known custom weapon include the Old Skool Scythe, Bloody Scythe, shadow sword, shadow whip, Golden Minigun, Regular Minigun, Katana of the ninjas. 

* The server currently has automatic vote system

* Working Donation system!

* Currently adding new features such feature will be the Spin that is being implemented. 

* We have working Double Xp Weekend system, and sponsored Admin wells which provides double Droprate chances along with a Well that takes coin to provide a 30% xp bonus!

* We are a team of dedicated staff who enjoy what we do!




See you in-game,

Reaper and the team

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